This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on September 13, 2018.

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Chat log:

[10:57] Sameep: how many mikes are there??

[10:58] mg (OB1): Not enough!

[11:04] chris.troutner: The mobile app has not been release yet, right?

[11:05] mg (OB1): No it hasn’t.

[11:07] chris.troutner: Who has been leading the charge on understanding the code that makes up an Insight server? I’d like to pick their brain offline.

[11:12] chris.troutner: That’s exciting. Thanks for the clarification, Josh.

[11:15] Moonshot: Did you consider having a server work for multiple users? Something that would allow the full server functionality to read the user data stored locally. Is that what the relay node is meant to do?

[11:16] Moonshot: Ok thanks.

[11:20] chris.troutner: @mg please keep me in the loop with that Insight testing stuff. might be able to help pool resources with OB

[11:21] mg (OB1): I’m not sure what pooled resources you had in mind, but we’re open to any ideas you had on that. I imagine the blog post that gets produced will have a lot of details.

[11:24] Rod: Speaking of Bitcoin Cash, what are some of the main barriers to getting the multi-currency support setup right now?

[11:26] mg (OB1): Do you mean multiple currencies simultaneously?

[11:27] Rod: I am talking about being able to accept multiple currencies through an individual listing right now instead of setting up separate listings

[11:29] chris.troutner: Do you guys know if there will be any blowback from Shapeshifts recent announcement about accounts? Will it impact the ability to pay using Shapeshift in OB?

[11:31] Moonshot: Does that mean the wallets for each coin need to be trusted, since you are not going to be running SPV for each one?

[11:34] Moonshot: If performance is the obstacle to SPV, did you consider running SPV for all coins and limiting the # of wallets a user can run simultaneously?

[11:35] chris.troutner: Running for SPV for all coins is not an option.

[11:38] chris.troutner: Thanks for the clarification, Sam. I hadn’t really used it. Was just curious.

[11:39] art: Any news on Monero integration?

[11:41] art: Cool, thanks.

[11:41] art: If one wanted to use OB for services, is there a tutorial?

[11:42] chris.troutner: Tutorials:

[11:43] art: Thanks!

[11:44] chris.troutner: Thanks!

[11:44] roka: thanks

[11:44] Jenn_OB1: Thanks everyone!

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